DOI: 10.14704/nq.2016.14.4.985

Phonon Guided Biology. Architecture of Life and Conscious Perception Are Mediated by Toroidal Coupling of Phonon, Photon and Electron Information Fluxes at Discrete Eigenfrequencies.

Dirk Klaas Fokke Meijer, Johannes Henk Geesink


Recently, a novel biological principle, revealing specific electromagnetic (EM) radiation frequencies that sustain life, was presented by us on the basis of an evaluation of 175 biological articles concerning beneficial effects of electromagnetic waves on the state of living cells. This concept was also based on a very similar range of frequencies emitted by a clay-mineral catalyst of RNA synthesis that may have been instrumental in the evolutionary initiation of first life, and therefore was tentatively designated as “Algorithm of Life”. The particular spectrum of frequency bands indicate that nature seems to employ discrete eigenfrequencies or standing waves that match precisely with an acoustic scale, with frequency ratios of 1:2, and closely approximated by 2:3, 3:4, 3:5, 4:5 and higher partials, allowing the discrete frequencies to be expressed in scalars. Our further studies clearly indicate now that this “life algorithm” pattern matches very well with the mathematical calculations of W. Ritz (1909) to compute eigenfrequencies of the sound induced geometric patterns. These have been earlier demonstrated through membrane vibration experiments of E. Chladni (1787), as well as several follow up studies from 1970-2013. Our findings, therefore, touch upon the science of acoustics, also since we show that the discrete frequencies could be modeled by music torus geometry. We postulate that the spectrum of EM frequencies detected, exhibit a quantum ordering effect on life cells on the basis of induction of geometric wave patterns. These constitute phonon/photon and electron wave energies, and quantum oscillations at far-infrared frequencies, that are communicated through toroidal constructive interference into scalar wave information. This idea is supported through our identification of potential intrinsic toroidal eigenfrequencies and minimal energy levels. The particular torus topology for information processing may also provide quantum error correction and protection against decoherence. Finally we propose a phonon guided organization of cells and integral brain function by three elementary processes: 1) A phonon mediated geometric organization of coherent arrangement of water molecules in cellular plasma, leading to instructive functional organization of cellular structures and metabolic processes and enabling the origination and sustainment of life processes. 2) Toroidal phonon/photon/electron coupling, protecting standing wave coherency of resonant cell components such as proteins and DNA. 3) A toroidal integration of electromagnetic and phononic fluxes of information into scalar standing waves, promoting quantum flux of informational excitons such as Ca2+- ions and electrons (polaron and polariton formation). Our brain, therefore, can be placed in a 4+1 geometry, supported by internal and external quantum states and makes use of geometrical defined information fluxes, that are converted to standing waves. The integration of these interrelated processes is considered to be instrumental in the creation of conscious perception and is proposed to be organized in a fractal, nested, 4-D toroidal geometry.


Life Algorithm, EM quantum frequencies, eigenstates/frequencies, toroidal information flux, Ritz calculation, Chladni geometric patterns, ordering of biological systems, phonon/photon coupling, toroidal coherence protection, Ca2+ waves and consciousness,

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